Soap / Cleaner

Satino foam and liquid soaps with improved formulas: economical in consumption, dermatologically tested, microplastic-free and EU-Ecolabel-certified. Available with new, subtle fragrances or free of perfume or colourants.

All soaps and the cleaner now come in both sizes in the new, optimised stand-up bag – for safe transport and more convenient, easier handling on site.

Satino soaps and cleaner: smart hygiene, feel-good hand care.

Satino foam soap Free

Gentle on the skin, kind to the environment, convenient to use.

The foam soap Free with its new…

Liquid soap

Strong against dirt, gentle on the environment thanks to a revised formula – free of microplastics…

Satino foam soap

Gentle hand hygiene with a subtle new fragrance and an improved formula: good for the skin, free of…

Toilet seat cleaner

Optimum hygiene in the washroom: a multifunctional cleaning mousse for optimum cleanliness of toilet…


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UK & Ireland Sales Manager
Alasdair Sharp