Centre feed Dispenser Plus


The all-rounder among the Satino dispensers with an adjustable paper output with "tear-off teeth"
for a larger quantity of paper towel or "single-sheet" output for maximum economy and hygiene.
You can simply adjust the sheet output to your specific requirements.

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Art. no.: 331000

Product Centerfeed Dispenser Plus Large
Frequency / Usage Middle + High
Dimensions (mm) 257 (W) x 281 (H) x 226 (D)
Colour White
CU 1
Pallet 105
Filling Capacity Satino Centerfeed Rolls up to 20cm
Width transport unit (cm) 26
Height of transport unit (cm) 29
Length of transport unit (cm) 23
EAN-Case 4000735716104
net weight / Dispenser (kg) 1.67
Pack scheme pallet (amount x layer) 15 x 7
Pallet height (cm) 210
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Alasdair Sharp