WEPA supports schools with child-friendly video which explains perfect hand hygiene.

Hygiene at school made easy!

WEPA supports schools with child-oriented explanatory video for perfect hand hygiene

The number of children returning to school is currently increasing. Therefore it is particularly important that they learn the hygiene rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In order to support schools, the WEPA Group has created an explanatory video about hand hygiene. The video is specifically aimed at a young target group and can be shown in schools – both in classes and on digital bulletin boards. The video demonstrates in a child-oriented way what has to be considered in the current situation: keeping your distance, sneezing into your elbow and thoroughly washing and drying your hands.

Satino by WEPA helps schools equip their washrooms so that insufficient hygiene is a thing of the past. Children and adolescents can meet the very highest of hygiene standards.

Hygiene plays an important role

Children are curious and discover the world with all their senses. As a part of this though they come into contact daily with a variety of objects and therefore also with viruses and bacteria. A high risk of infection and spread of diseases exists particularly in places where many children play and learn together. The proper washing of hands and hygienically clean washrooms are an important measure for preventing infections and diseases, and make even the youngest children realise that hygiene and washing your hands regularly are extremely important. 

We develop a professional washroom concept with you tailored to the individual needs of schools. Together with you, we also contribute to educating teachers, parents and pupils about professional hand hygiene. 




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UK & Ireland Sales Manager
Alasdair Sharp