Professional hand hygiene in every washroom!

Hand hygiene is an important part of our everyday life. However, it took a crisis to make even more people aware of the importance of washroom hygiene and the effects of a lack of attention to hand hygiene. We are aware of our responsibility as one of the largest European manufacturers of hygiene products and the respective dispenser systems. We would like to share our knowledge and many useful tips on this current topic with you. So that together we can successfully bring professional hand hygiene into Europe's washrooms.

Dry hands safely and hygienically

Washrooms offer various ways to dry your hands, e.g. air dryers, cotton towels or paper towels.
Studies have proven that hand drying with paper towels is the most hygienic method. Every washroom visitor gets his or her individual, clean and unused paper towel from the dispenser and this is only for his or her personal use. The paper towel ensures that any remaining bacteria are wiped off the skin. After use, the paper towel can be thrown away.

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Professional hand hygiene is the key to success!

Our concept for perfect hand hygiene!

Now is the time to ensure that washrooms meet the latest hygiene standards. Satino by WEPA wants to help you to develop your business underbrace! We offer you a product portfolio that inspires in its details as well as in the overall picture and especially in times of highest demands on professional handhygiene impresses with its non-contact dispenser systems.

With Satino by WEPA, attributes such as functionality, comfort and of course the highest quality automatically flow into the equipment of every wax room.

Preventing infections: Proper hand washing protects!

Hand towel papers - the alternative-free hygiene solution:

  • Bacteria that remain on the hands after washing are not blown into the room.
  • Each paper towel is used only once per user. So you will not come into contact with bacteria from the person who dried their hands before
  • Paper towels have an abrasive effect, which means that remaining bacteria are removed and thrown away when drying with the paper towels.
  • The paper towel can also be used to close the water-tap. The towel paper can also be used to open the door handles. This prevents you from coming into contact with bacteria from your predecessor.



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