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Why hygiene remains a priority in the workplace

Heading back to the office is becoming the norm again for many of us. But while it’s great to see colleagues face-to-face, hygiene remains a top priority. After all, COVID-19 is here to stay, and the colder months are almost here.

For many people, everyday life has returned. Children are back in school and day care, and offices are filling up – but unfortunately this also means an increased risk of COVID-19 infections.

A return to normality – along with coughs, colds, and sore throats

The colder months are on their way, and with them come seasonal viruses. A runny nose, the classic common cold or viral flu all spread via droplets in the air or contact infections, but last year saw remarkably low numbers of such infections due to social distancing, thorough hand hygiene routines, face masks and increased ventilation.

As the vaccine is rolled out and rules are relaxed, more people are coming together again privately and publicly. This has a knock-on effect with public transport becoming busier and an increased risk of infection spreading to the workplace.

Good hygiene means protection for everyone

Employers can safeguard staff by committing to a high standard of hygiene, including handwashing and drying. Hygiene in the workplace is a collective responsibility, affecting every single employee. At Satino by WEPA, we are committed to supporting businesses with helpful advice and tips on how to maintain professional hygiene standards with sustainable solutions.

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