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More flexibility in the washroom: Satino by WEPA Clean&Care dispensers

Clean&Care dispensers are multifunctional and can be filled with either soap, disinfectant or toilet seat cleaner.

Flexibility is also a sought-after quality in the washroom, because the focus in terms of hygiene is quite often determined quite pragmatically here: liquid or foam soap, disinfectant or even toilet seat cleaner. Fortunately, manual and sensor-controlled Satino Clean&Care dispensers are well equipped for all these applications.

Flexibility and safety thanks to a hygienic disposable system

Both Satino Clean&Care dispenser systems are all-rounders with multifunctional use. This is made possible by the practical disposable system of stand-up bags with integrated pumps: No more cumbersome handling of canisters – simply click it in, and it’s done.

In addition, the solution contributes extra hygiene. The pump not only guarantees a drip-free supply of soap or disinfectant. Refillable dispensers in public washrooms are also often contaminated with bacteria – closed systems like Satino Clean&Care, on the other hand, prevent further contamination.

Easy handling – no matter which dispenser is used

ZTwo dispenser lines provide flexible solutions for washrooms of any size. The Satino Clean&Care sensor dispenser (SF1/1,000 ml) guarantees optimum convenience for operators and touch-free, hygienic dispensing for users. Its LED display indicates readiness for operation and battery charging status; mains connection is also possible. The mini sensor dispenser (SF2/700 ml) is a space-saving solution for smaller rooms.

The manual Clean&Care dispensers (SF1/1,000 ml) are characterised by simple operation and self-sufficient use without batteries or electricity. Their contact surfaces are made of hygienic stainless steel and easy to clean. A transparent filling level indicator enables timely refilling. The manual dispenser is also available as a Mini version (SF2/700 ml).

All Clean&Care dispensers are lockable and thus protected from unauthorised access.

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