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Tis the season! For good hygiene: protecting visitors to this year’s Christmas markets

Christmas is fast approaching, and with the annual markets opening up once again, it’s important to think about the needs of staff and visitors.

Whatever the legal situation concerning the coronavirus pandemic this year, our yearning for cosy and fun-filled get-togethers is high, especially at Christmas time.

Whether indoors or outdoors: hygiene is a must at Christmas markets. For visitors, good hygiene means a degree of safety that encourages them to stay, browse and linger. For organisers on the other hand success depends on cleaning and hygiene practices.

It’s not just about keeping our distance and vaccination certificates but about tangible, practical measures. This is where the challenges begin: ranging from sufficiently sized waste bins to hand washing and sanitising opportunities.

Making hygiene visible

In shopping centres, sanitiser stands are now a matter of course and more in demand than ever, especially when people are eating finger foods from a festive stall.

It makes sense to have sufficiently large stands and the corresponding sanitisers on hand for the mulled wine season. Assuming the market is in a covered location, Satino sanitiser stands can also be used outdoors and, depending on their size, can be battery-operated – meaning there is no need for a power supply or cables.

Cardboard dispensers for paper towels also ensure hygiene is visible, as well as making a practical and intelligent addition. They are ready for use straightaway where people eat, drink and possibly even splash and spill.

The Satino by WEPA cardboard dispensers are available in white, wipe-cleansolid fibre board or cardboard are refillable and can be attached to the stand or stall with adhesive tape on the rear, screws or a cord. A hygiene solution that is sure to be welcomed by visitors to this year’s Christmas markets.

Now is the time to prepare for the festivities – with visible and simultaneously sensible measures on location. Contact our team today who will be happy to advise.



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