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Catching the eye of the male demographic: sanitary box stickers in men's toilets

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Why our sanitary waste bin stickers in men's toilets send out just the right message, and why there's no reason to shy away from the topic of incontinence, are revealed in our latest newsletter.

Openness towards closed sanitary boxes on men's toilets and in toilet cubicles pays off – for men who are affected by incontinence and for all washroom operators and washroom fitters who focus on the needs of their guests.

That's because both the sanitary boxes themselves and eye-catching notices in men's toilets make it easier for men affected by incontinence to go to washrooms, while making these washrooms more attractive at the same time.

We at Satino by WEPA have purposely developed a special sticker which indicates in an easily understandable manner the location of hygiene boxes for incontinence pads in men's toilets, and include them with the 8-litre Satino Hygiene bin for all washroom operators.

A small sign with a big impact.

Even though incontinence in men is neither a rarity nor a taboo subject, sanitary boxes for incontinence pads in men's toilets and cubicles are still a rare sight. And this despite the fact that the technical regulations for workplaces in Germany have, in Section 5.4 – Equipment, already stipulated since September 2013 that "in toilet rooms used by men, at least one sanitary container with a lid must be provided in a designated toilet cubicle".

But apart from the legal situation, sufficiently available sanitary boxes also send out a message of normality to all men affected by incontinence.

In addition, Satino Hygiene bins, as well as the information sticker, also contribute to creating sensitivity and raising awareness of the topic of incontinence in men. Anyone who sets up the 8-litre sanitary box and uses the matching information sticker can make a small contribution that will have a big impact.

Put your washroom business in the spotlight – with the Satino Hygiene bin sticker on men's toilets and in toilet cubicles.



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