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Crepe vs. tissue

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While appearances are not everything, Satino by WEPA tissue towel paper is a real looker. Its exclusive appearance ultimately impacts the entire lavatory. The impression of quality is automatically increased, making lavatory users feel more appreciated and welcome.

Take crepe paper in contrast: In a washroom equipped with crepe paper, users easily get the impression that they are neither welcome nor really appreciated. Consequently, there is a rather high risk that lavatory users will return this “appreciation”.
Tissue hygiene paper, on the other hand, is consumed more economically and disposed of more carefully simply due to its high-quality appearance and the appreciation it expresses for lavatory users. This in turn ultimately saves cash money and generates measurable added value in every lavatory.

The distinct absorbency of tissue hygiene paper pays off in every lavatory in several ways: Consumption is noticeably reduced, thus also reducing the amount of waste. The fact that sheets are taken out completely and fully unfolded automatically results in less tearing. This spares the waste bin and also reduces consumption as well as costs. Unlike towel paper made of crepe, tissue as a veritable softy is a real winner, especially for frequent hand-washing. Since hands no longer become chapped due to abrasion, dirt as well as dangerous bacteria have a harder time settling in.

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