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When robustness counts: hygiene and cleanliness in factories and workshops

How can Satino by WEPA work for industry settings?

When it comes to occupational safety in industrial settings there are a host of factors to consider – from standard safety procedures such as wearing the right protective equipment, to operating procedures on the factory floor.

However, since the pandemic, cleaning and hygiene has become more important than ever. Not just for individual health and safety, but to allow businesses to operate smoothly, with a reduced risk of sickness absence.

Everything ready for the next shift?

Clean floors and work surfaces at the workplace directly contribute to safety. Two-or-three ply paper paper cleaning rolls are ideal for cleaning throughout the day or after a shift ends.

Strong and highly absorbent, Satino by WEPA cleaning rolls are also made from 100 per cent recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly too. A variety of roll lengths are available.

Satino cleaning roll stands for walls or floors are a must-have in industrial settings, for easy access. A highly practical feature: this variant has an integrated waste bag holder for used hygiene paper, allowing for a clean workspace wherever cleaning rolls are needed.

Wall mounting is recommended if the cleaning roll needs to be in a fixed location.

Hygiene and cleanliness – far beyond the washroom

Washing and changing rooms have of course always been top of the list for occupational hygiene.

For flexible use in the washroom, and also in other locations Clean&Care dispensers from Satino by WEPA are perfect: they can be filled not only with liquid or foam soap but also with disinfectant for quick hand cleaning in between. In toilet cubicles they also become practical helpers when filled with toilet seat cleaner for ensuring hygienically clean toilet seats.

A big plus: thesensor from Satino by WEPA offer the ideal solution. Not just for liquid or foam hand soap, our Clean&Care dispensers can also be filled with hand sanitiser for keeping hands clean on the move

For toilet cubicles, they can also be filled with toilet seat cleaner, guaranteeing a clean seat every time.

These handy dispensers are also available in sensor operated format, reducing the amount of surface contact in the washroom, and allowing for optimal dosing.

Thanks to the practical Satino mounting plate, the dispensers are also securely mounted in next to no time and can be quickly replaced if needed.

Robust dispensers and practical accessories made of metal

In high-traffic areas of the workshop or factory floor, dispensers made of metal are a useful alternative to plastic dispensers. Satino offers folded towels in two sizes, for medium or high usage frequencies in each instance. A classic jumbo roll toilet paper dispenseris also available in metal: ensuring an extremely robust exterior combined with the cost-efficiency of large rolls.

As an alternative to the classic plastic waste bin large waste baskets made of wire are available for collecting used paper towels. And finally,toilet brushes from Satino are made of metal and designed for durability and long-term use. The brush head can also be replaced.

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