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Enhancing your washroom: advice for facilities managers

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We may not know for certain when UK businesses will be returning to offices and communal workspaces, but that doesn’t mean facilities managers shouldn’t be thinking about enhancing workplace washroom facilities.

There are several ways you can upgrade the washroom, from investing in sustainable, high-quality paper products such as toilet roll and hand towels, to having the right dispensers.

Here, we offer our top tips for enhancing your facilities:

Consider replacing hot-air dryers with paper hand towels
Hand hygiene and handwashing techniques have been hot topics over the past 12 months. However, hand drying isn’t always considered. Several studies have shown that hot air dryers are more likely to increase the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses, unlike paper hand towels which can capture germs before they are disposed of. So, if you’re still using hand dryers, now might be the time to make the switch to paper towels. A good quality paper towel dispenser also helps prevent wastage by distributing towels evenly.

Be prepared
It’s important to be prepared for employees returning to the office.
A key part of keeping your workplace clean and safe is ensuring you are well stocked on essentials, particularly cleaning products and paper products, such as toilet roll and paper towels. One easy way to do this is with bulk orders of essentials, having supplies on hand for staff whatever the situation. 

Awareness around sustainability is at an all time high. An easy place to start making sustainable choices for your business is in the washroom, with plenty of options available to make easy switches. Consider paper products made from recycled, fair fibres, from responsible sources. At Satino, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and are working with our customers to help them choose the best options to suit their needs.

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