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Cleanliness is on the schedule: Satino by WEPA hygiene for schools

Even the most beautiful holidays come to an end: as normal school routines are resumed, challenges arise for everyday hygiene. Satino by WEPA therefore supports schools with words and deeds.

Children explore the world with all their senses. In this endeavour, they encounter not just a multitude of objects, but also pathogens. Wherever a large number of children come together to learn and play, the risk of infection also increases. Therefore, good hand hygiene and well-equipped washrooms are the best basis for preventing infections at school as well.

Pathogens don’t go on holiday

Now is the time to make sure that washrooms and classroom washbasins meet up-to-date hygiene standards. At Satino by WEPA, we therefore support schools with professional advice, individual concepts and convenient solutions. These include e.g. touch-free towel dispensers and complementary cardboard towel dispensers, while versatile Clean&Care dispensers can be filled with a choice of soap, hand sanitiser or toilet seat cleaner. Our foam soap Free is not only particularly gentle on the skin, making it a safe choice for sensitive children’s skin, but also particularly eco-friendly as it is free of microplastics and synthetic polymers.

Washing hands is part of any school routine

As good hygiene always starts with education, WEPA provides a dedicated child-friendly video for schools. It demonstrates to children what they need to pay attention to: keeping one’s distance, sneezing into the inside of one’s elbow, washing and drying one's hands thoroughly. These rules will endure for a long time to come – after all, hygiene belongs on every modern class schedule.





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