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Simple cleaning and hygiene: tips for a safer workplace

It’s a New Year and with hygiene remaining at the forefront of people’s minds, now is the perfect time for employers to review their cleaning and hygiene procedures.

In the wake of new restrictions, many people will be working from home for the time being, however that does not mean that businesses should forget about workplace hygiene for those who still need to come into the office.

Here, we outline our top tips on how to make your workplace a safe environment for everyone:

Make hygiene a team effort

Hygiene in the workplace is not just about investing in proper cleaning solutions – it is a collective responsibility. Having a good hygiene policy in place - that includes cleaning your own workspace - goes a long way to making the office a pleasant environment for all.

Encourage a thorough handwashing routine

Make sure your staff are briefed on the correct way to wash their hands to remove any harmful bacteria. Consider placing handwashing posters near sinks in the kitchen and in the washroom as a reminder.

Our guide to washing hands thoroughly can be found here.

Review your washroom supplies

Would your employees benefit from a touch free soap dispenser for added peace of mind? How about introducing paper towels in place of the hand dryer? Studies have shown that paper hand towels are more effective at preventing the spread of germs, so think about small ways your facilities could be improved to make things safer for everyone.

Clean communal areas regularly

Invest in industrial cleaning services and equipment that will enable you to clean communal areas regularly, such as the kitchen and washroom. Make sure waste bins are also provided in locations throughout the office.

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